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Dr. Sampat Shivangi Joins the International Leaders Summit’s Executive Advisory Board

Washington, DC — The International Leaders Summit’s leadership groups including the executive committees of The Jerusalem Leaders Summit and the India-US Institute welcome Dr. Sampat S. Shivangi, a leading American conservative, dedicated physician and philanthropist to the independent think tank dedicated to advancing principled solutions. “We are honored to welcome Dr. ...
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America’s Embassy Opening in Jerusalem Affirms Israel’s Sovereignty

By Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy First posted in Western Journal’s online media portal. Three years after the end of the Second World War and in the aftermath of the Holocaust carried out by Nazi Germany’s systematic persecution murdering 6 million European Jews, the Provisional Government of Israel proclaimed ...
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America and Germany: An Opportunity to Advance Free and Fair Trade and Strengthen the Transatlantic Relationship

“Free and fair trade brings growth and opportunity and creates jobs.”— President Ronald Reagan, Radio Address to the Nation on Free and Fair Trade, August 2, 1986 On April 27, 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington. This high-level meeting held by the two ...
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International Leaders Summit (ILS) Joined by Virginia’s Elected Official Expresses Sorrow Over Attack on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh

ILS Calls Upon Leaders to Confront Anti-Semitism in America and Europe   Fairfax, Virginia – Washington, DC – October 31, 2018.   The International Leaders Summit and the Commonwealth of Virginia ’s elected official Honorable David A. LaRock, joined in expressing their sorrow over the attack on the Tree of ...
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Billion Dollar Corruption: Croatia’s Scheme to Buy 30-Year Old American Fighter Jets from Israel

By Natasha Srdoc, MBA, Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit According to published reports, the United States is blocking Israel’s sale of 12 U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to Croatia. These planes were made by Lockheed Martin in the U.S., provided to Israel free of charge as part of the Peace Marble program, ...
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