International conservative leaders summit convenes in Jerusalem

20 Dec 2016

A high-level policy event with Parliamentary and business leaders from Europe, India, Israel, and the United States took take place on Monday at the Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem.

The event addressed the 21st century's global threats and security challenges, the weakening of the rule of law, and obstacles to economic freedom and free trade. Speakers highlighted the benefits of economic freedom and the contributions of innovation and technology that benefit citizens around the world.

The Jerusalem Leaders Summit was co-hosted by the International Leaders Summit, Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE) and strategic partners from Europe, India, Israel and the US. The audience for the summit included international participants from Europe, India, Israel and the United States.

The goal of the gathering, according to the founders of the summit, was “to provide a strategic platform to affirm the common civilization based on the foundation of the rule of law – protecting life, liberty and private property.”

Speakers engaged with leading voices and key stakeholders in the areas of foreign policy, global security, economic growth solutions, technology and the significance of strengthening Israel’s security and sovereignty.

The leaders gathering at the Jerusalem Leaders Summit - coming from Europe, India and the United States, affirmed Israel's sovereignty and showed solidarity with Israel's citizens.

According to the summit organizers, “rule of law civilization based on shared values and principles and the foundation of the rule of law has contributed to the security and prosperity of free societies. However, today, rule of law countries face unprecedented challenges and threats including the threats against free speech, media freedom and individual liberty.”

“The second Jerusalem Leaders Summit convenes at a pivotal time when conservatives and the freedom movement have an opportunity to advance principled ideas that safeguard freedoms, fuel economic growth and prosperity and importantly, protect citizens from dangers of terrorism.”


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